New Clients

To begin therapy, give us a call, and we will schedule an initial intake. 

Our Intake Process:  

Our intake appointment is not a formal evaluation but is a way for us to know what services to recommend to best help the client. This intake appointment is $170. For adult clients, this is a time for you to get to know the therapist, learn about the process of therapy, and discuss personal goals. For children, the therapist will meet with the parent(s)/guardian(s) to discuss concerns and set goals. Then, the therapist may meet with the child to determine if individual therapy or group therapy will best suit the child’s needs. For those seeking a group, we truly value the importance of group placement and want to determine the best possible fit for your child based on goals and needs. 

"Why go Out-of-Network?" 

With the current insurance industry standard of care, many clients choose not to involve insurance companies in seeking a provider for their mental health care.  Thus, their therapy is not determined by session limitations, diagnosis, and insurance companies’ review of their entire mental health record. Additionally, many insurance companies do not pay for other therapies outside of individual therapy, thus limiting the client’s ability to choose the best type of therapy for themselves, their child, and/or their family.

As Art It Out Therapists, we truly believe in client-centered treatment and strive to provide the therapy that is clinically best for our clients.  Instead of adhering to insurance limitations, we offer our clients the flexibility to set their own goals and be an active participant in their treatment plan.  We allow our clients the privacy they deserve by not allying with any insurance providers; thus, our therapy records are not subject to Georgia compliance audits.  It is at the client’s discretion to submit their monthly invoices to their insurance for reimbursement, in turn releasing confidential information to their insurance company.  

Art It Out is out-of-network for all insurance providers; however, you may still obtain insurance reimbursement for our services. 

Many clients are able to have 60-80% of their therapy covered after reaching their deductible, based on their out-of-network benefits.  We recommend calling your specific insurance provider, before therapy services, to determine if any prior authorization is necessary and to learn more details about your specific deductible and reimbursement rates.